Baby colic

Baby colic is one of the main problems of motherhood and one of the most frequent causes of anxiety for parents of babies.

When a child is bothered by colic and cries for hours, it causes anxiety for parents and completely changes a calm and happy family life

What does a colic baby look like?
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How does a baby develop colic?

The main cause of colic in children is a violation of the digestion of the main carbohydrate of milk lactose due to a deficiency of the lactase enzyme, which breaks down milk lactose.
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Physiological deficiency of lactase enzyme
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Lactose in milk is not split, but is fermented, gases are produced in the fermentation process
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Gases distend the intestines, bloating occurs, stretching of the intestinal walls – colic, pain syndrome occur

Mamalac -Take a day off from colic

Mamalak contains a highly purified lactase enzyme to break down the lactose of breast milk or milk mixtures, thereby preventing lactose fermentation and gas formation, bloating and colic

1 ml of drop solution contains lactase 3000 ALU

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Eliminates the main cause of children’s colic, prevents their occurrence
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Promotes the absorption of milk (breast or milk formula) and the normal weight gain of the child
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Advantages of Mamalac

Safe – allowed from the 1st day of life
Contains active lactase – fast action
Neutral in taste
Physiological – contains lactase, which over time the baby’s body will begin to produce on its own
Easy to use
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Method of application and dosage

Mamalac® is taken during each feeding of the baby according to the dosage table in the instructions
It is recommended to take during the first 3-4 months of life or as needed
After this period, the enzyme lactase usually begins to be produced in sufficient quantity, and then you can gradually stop taking Mamalak®.
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The most frequent questions

How often to take Mamalac drops?

Mamalac is taken at each feeding.

Can Mamalac be given with baby formula, or only with breastfeeding?

Mamalac is taken both during breastfeeding and with milk infant formulas.

How quickly does Mamalac work?

Mamalac  acts immediately as soon as it enters the intestines and binds to milk lactose. But if lactose has already fermented in the intestines for several days, colic can still bother you for a day. After we start giving Mamalac with each feeding, it prevents fermentation of milk or mixture, gas formation and distention in the intestines does not occur.

Is it safe to give Mamalac to premature babies?

Mamalac is recommended to be given to premature babies, since there is not enough lactase enzyme in the intestines of these children to break down lactose. Therefore, Mamalak will help to absorb milk or formula for normal weight gain and will help eliminate colic.


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