Quad assistance
for normal liver function

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Dandelion root extract
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Artichoke leaf extract

The liver is an organ that works without a relaxation

The largest internal organ, which is performs in the body for over 500 functions
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The main ones are:
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the formation of bile, which participates in the digestion process
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participation in metabolism (lipid, protein, carbohydrate), vitamins and water
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neutralization of toxic substances
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deposition of about 0.6 l of blood

The main factors that can disrupt the work of the liver:

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Fatty and fried food
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Starvation diets
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The liver does not hurt, but it does suffer

Manifestations of liver dysfunction can be:
Manifestations of liver dysfunction can be:
  • Decreased appetite
  • Poor tolerance of fatty and fried food
  • Bitterness in the mouth
  • Weakness
  • Fatigue
  • Light stools
  • Dark urine
  • Jaundice
  • Itchy skin
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Artizhel is a source of nutrients that help with increased liver load

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Contributes to the maintenance of normal liver function and normal lipid metabolism
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Advantages of Artizhel

Natural composition
Combination of 4 components
Liquid drinkable form
Convenient form of sticks
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Спосіб використання


Children 12-14 years old: 1 stick 1 time a day

Adults and children over 14 years of age:

1 stick 2 times a day


Dilute the contents of the stick in drinking water

20 minutes before eating for 2-4 weeks.

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Frequently asked questions

From what age can it be used?

Artigel can be taken from 12 years.

How long can it be taken?

Artigel can be taken for 1-2 months 2-3 times a year.

Does it have to be dissolved in water?

No, not necessarily. Can be drunk undiluted, or you can just drink it with water.

Can it be taken for gallstones?

No, Artizhel is contraindicated in cholelithiasis.

Can it be combined with hepatoprotectors?

It is possible, but there is no need. Because Artizhel has the same properties.


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